Welcome to an AMAZING NEW Chapter in the Adventures of NICK ARNOLD author and creator of the HORRIBLE SCIENCE series.  He’s the bestselling Science author in the known universe and he always appears when you least expect him.  He might even pop up at your school or local Book Festival this year.  Read on and find out!


Tuesday 16th January – Nick Arnold @ North Devon Archaeological Society, Barnstaple, Devon – NICK SAYS:  When I’m not a Science writer I am a History writer and it’s great to talk to the experts about the historic battlefield I discovered in 2016!

Monday 29th January – Nick Arnold @ Stapleford Community Primary School, Cambridgeshire – I had a great visit to this friendly primary school.  Thanks to each and every one of you who enjoyed the shows!


Monday 26th February – Nick Arnold @ Elmbridge Primary School, Gloucester – NICK SAYS:  A great start to the tour at not ONE but TWO warm and friendly schools!  Thanks to all the staff and children!

Tuesday 27th February – Nick Arnold @ Highcliffe Primary School, Leicester – NICK SAYS:  An exciting snowy day just got even more exciting thanks to wonderful staff and pupils!

Wednesday 28th February – Nick Arnold @ Parkside Primary School, Chingford – NICK SAYS:  Snow didn’t stop the brave staff and children from having Horrible Science FUN!


Thursday 1st March – Nick Arnold @ Chelmsford Prep School, Chelmsford – NICK SAYS:  THE BIG DAY WAS SNOWY AND AMAZING!  What a Lovely Day – thank you one and all!

Friday 2nd March – Nick Arnold @ Stewart Fleming Primary School, Bromley – NICK SAYS:  Sorry I didn’t get to see you all – but I will soon!

Wednesday 7th – Thursday 8th March – Nick Arnold @ The British School, Ankara, Turkey – NICK SAYS:  I spent two fun-filled shout out loud happy days with this wonderful school.  I can’t thank Ann Kardas and all you super students and staff enough for making myself and my two colleague authors feel so welcome!

Friday 9th March – Nick Arnold @ Ankara Elementary/High School, Ankara, Turkey – NICK SAYS:  Your school is amongst the most welcoming, friendly schools I have ever visited.  I loved being there and meeting you all!  Happy Reading – I hope to come back one day!

Thursday 15th March – Nick Arnold @ Stewart Fleming Primary School, London – NICK SAYS:  It was worth waiting for – wasn’t it?  I had a great time at your school.  BIG thank you to Mr Tupper and all the teachers!  Happy Horrible Science!

Friday 16th March – Nick Arnold @ St Augustine’s School, London – NICK SAYS:  What a wonderful NOISY, HAPPY, CRAZY day – HELLOOO – again to all you Horrible Scientists and a BIG THANK YOU to all the teachers and especially the wonderful Ms Smith in the Library and my super-helpful helpers Moses and Francesco!


Tuesday 24th April – Nick Arnold @ Tower Hill Primary School, Farnborough, Hampshire – NICK SAYS:  What a BRILLIANT DAY – thanks to all of you for being so ENTHUSIASTIC and FRIENDLY (all at the same time!) and a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs Ward and all the other teachers for helping with the Shows!

Thursday 26th April – Nick Arnold @ Brighton College Prep School, Brighton – NICK SAYS:  It’s lovely to meet such a brainy clued-up audience – Thanks for all your Super Science questions and WONDERFUL WARM WELCOMES!


Put a SPRING into Spring with the HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW!


Saturday 30th June – 3.30 pm – Nick Arnold @ Felixstowe Book Festival, Suffolk – NICK SAYS:  Oh I do LOVE to do HORRIBLE SCIENCE beside the Seaside – and I am going to be talking about My Horrible Science Life with extra-Horrible Squishy bits and oodles of LAUGHS!


Sunday 1st July – 11 am – Nick Arnold @ Felixstowe Book Festival, Suffolk – NICK SAYS:  Oh yes and today I am going to be presenting NICK ARNOLD’s HORRIBLE SCIENCE LAB – it’s YOUR Chance to Learn some of my FAVOURITE HORRIBLE EXPERIMENTS and try them on your friends!


Nick Arnold busy writing lots of AWESOME new books!  He also writes a monthly article for the wonderful WHIZ POP BANG! Science Magazine.  Why not check it out?


Friday 21st – Saturday 29th September – Nick Arnold @ Appledore Book Festival, Appledore, Devon – NICK SAYS:  I am so HONOURED to be a Patron of this SUPER-LOVELY FESTIVAL!  Come along and find out how DOUBLETRIPLEPLUSGOOD it is!  I’ll be there until Thursday because…

Friday 28th September – Sunday 30th September – Nick Arnold @ Broughton Hall Children’s Literature Festival, Skipton, Yorkshire – NICK SAYS:  Come and be part of this new and AMAZING Festival where the FUN won’t stop and the LAUGHING is GUARANTEED!


Thursday 11th October – Nick Arnold @ Northam, Devon – NICK SAYS:  I’m talking about the Battle of Northam 1069 – OK this is a talk for adults about History but it’s going to be fun.  And why not?


Tuesday 13th November – Nick Arnold @ Little Torrington, Devon – NICK SAYS:  Everyone wants to hear about the Battle of Northam 1069 – and I just love to make history come alive!


Why not liven up the end of term with a HORRIBLE SCIENCE CHRISTMAS SHOW?!  You might even get recruited as one of NICK ARNOLD’s LITTLE HELPERS!!!!