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All About Nick


Nick Arnold isn’t just a human being he’s a one-person book factory who (when he’s not penning bestsellers) gets up to all sorts of tricks to show everyone that books are really the most wonderful invention since inventions were invented. Oh yes, and when he’s not acting crazy about science, he’s crazy about history instead!

Horrible Science Author
Well, someone had to write the multi-million selling Horrible Science series otherwise they wouldn’t be in all the shops and that someone happens to be Nick. How he wrote them and what’s in them are things you can find out elsewhere in this website but I bet you never knew that they’re on sale in over 40 countries and at least 15 million people have enjoyed them. Yes folks, there are an awful lot of Horrible scientists out there and you might even be sitting next to one in your science class.

Author of other books
Less well known, but still well-known to hundreds of thousands of happy readers is the fact that Nick has written other books – notably the Wild Lives series that appeared for Scholastic in the early 2000’s.

Director of the Appledore Book Festival
Most self-respecting authors think that writing books is quite enough to keep a normal human being busy but Nick has somehow got himself appointed as the Director of one of Britain’s newest and most exciting book festivals. And that gets him involved in quite silly things like a fight between a dragon and a knight in armour or testing a giant exploding firework wheel. (It’s all to do with publicity, you see.) Nick was Director of the Festival until November 2011 when he decided to make more time for writing books. In five years under Nick’s leadership the Festival grew from 42 to over 100 events and looks set for a golden future …

History hunter
Even less well-known (read carefully this might come up a million dollar quiz question) is that Nick is also a serious historian. (Well, to be honest he’s quite a silly historian sometimes.) He has lots of letters after his name to prove that he studied history and in 2008 he became really famous for using his history detective skills to find an ancient battlefield that had been lost one thousand years. And no, that doesn’t mean he can come round and find all your lost socks.

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