Every New Year is like a new book.  And like a new book this year has to have an exciting start (otherwise you won’t want to read all the exciting news later on in this year).  

So let’s start with a …


I hope that BIG BANG is BIG enough!  

And WELCOME to another exciting instalment of The Adventures of Nick Arnold Horrible Science writer and writer of other books too!


This month Nick Arnold feels chilly.  So after chasing the cat round the garden to warm up he writes a chapter of a history book for adults on his discovery of an English Civil War fort.


Monday 27th February – Nick Arnold @ Parsons Heath Primary, Colchester.  NICK SAYS:   I really enjoyed visiting this truly welcoming school – three great shows, one great day!

Tuesday 28th February – Nick Arnold @ Squirrel’s Heath Junior, Romford, London.  NICK SAYS:  I presented FOUR Horrible Science Shows and each one was LOUDER than the last.  It was GREAT to meet you all!


Thursday 2nd March WORLD BOOK DAY – Nick Arnold online @ Amity School, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  NICK SAYS:  If there’s one thing BETTER than a great online show for a great school on WORLD BOOK DAY – it’s TWO  GREAT ONLINE SHOWS for this great school on WORLD BOOK DAY!

Friday 3rd March – Nick Arnold online @ St George’s International College, Luxembourg.  NICK SAYS:  On the last day of WORLD BOOK WEEK I  performed TWO online HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOWS.  I made this fantastic school’s sides shake with cheering (BIG THANKS to several hundred fantastic students!).

Thursday 9th March – Nick Arnold online @ Knaphill Junior School, Surrey.  NICK SAYS: The School celebrated World Book Day and everyone dressed up.  I told the students the story of MY HORRIBLE LIFE.  What a Fantastic audience!

Thursday 16th March – Nick Arnold @ Port Regis School, Dorset.  NICK SAYS:  What a lovely school!  There’s a Park with lovely old buildings and the teachers and students are great too!  Everyone had a great time discovering the Horrible Side of Science!

Thursday 30th March – Nick Arnold online @ Thuringia International School, Germany.  NICK SAYS:  I’m really looking forward to going online and WOW’ing everyone with some HORRIBLE SCIENCE!


Tuesday 18th April – Nick Arnold @ Barnstaple, Devon.  NICK SAYS:  I’m giving a talk about the English Civil War fort I wrote the chapter about in January.  I just love history even if it is all in the past!

Thursday 20th April and Friday 21st April – Nick Arnold online @ Huili School, Shanghai, China.  NICK SAYS:  A great school and a great audience – I was really pleased to hear how much you enjoyed the shows!

Tuesday 25th April – Nick Arnold online @ Shanghai United International School, China.  NICK SAYS:  So sorry about the technical problems you had – at least you saw all the challenges.  Thanks for being a great audience!


Monday 4th June – Nick Arnold @ Oakthorpe Primary School, London.  NICK SAYS:  This is a lovely welcoming school and everyone enjoyed the Little Horrors Show and Horrible Science Show.  Thanks a lot to everyone!

Wednesday 14th June – Nick Arnold @ Hilton Primary, Newcastle.  NICK SAYS:   At last after a year of waiting I made it to visit you all – and it was worth the wait!  Happy Horrible Science everyone!


Friday 15th September to Saturday 23rd September – Appledore Book Festival, Devon, UK.  NICK SAYS:  Welcome to the ONE and ONLY BEST EVER FESTIVAL IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE!  Okay, I’m biassed.  I founded it.  But it is getting BIGGER and BETTER every year and that’s OFFICIAL!  TOP SECRET UPDATE – I’ll be appearing twice in the Festival but I am not allowed to tell you anything more until the tickets go on sale!




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