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Thursday 6th January – Wearing his historian’s hat Nick Arnold gets an English Civil War fort dating from 1643 listed as being of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE by Historic England*.  Nick was helped by lots of wonderful historians and archaeologists.  NICK SAYS:  It took FIVE MONTHS of very hard work.  Thanks to everyone who helped me.

Can I take my historian’s hat off now?

*They hardly ever do this because there aren’t many forts of this type around.

January – NICK ARNOLD working on a new book on electricity called CIRCUIT SCIENCE.

Thursday 24th February – Nick Arnold presents a special DISGUSTING DIGESTION ONLINE SHOW to Sara Village School, Saudi Arabia.  NICK SAYS:  it’s second-time for this show at this super-friendly school and I’m REALLY looking forward to it!

Monday 28th February – Nick Arnold presents the HORRIBLE SCIENCE ONLINE SHOW to Harrow International School, Shanghai, China.  NICK SAYS:   I had GREAT FUN speaking to this AMAZING SCHOOL – and guess what?  The students had even more FUN listening to me!

Wednesday 2nd March – Nick Arnold’s World Book Week mini-tour starts with the HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW at Abbots Langley Primary School, Hertfordshire.  NICK SAYS:  I presented my HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOWS and incredible illustrator TONY DE SAULLES presented his amazing drawing workshops.  What an AMAZING DAY!

Thursday 3rd March – Nick Arnold presents a REAL-LIVE HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW at Clanfield School, Hampshire.  NICK SAYS:  AT LAST!  I got to visit Clanfield School and meet the wonderful teachers and students.  THANKS for being such a GREAT AUDIENCE!

Friday 4th March – Nick Arnold presents the HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW at St Edward’s Royal Free Ecumenical Middle School, Windsor.  NICK SAYS:  I presented FOUR HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOWS and signed a LORRY-LOAD of BOOKS – ALL in ONE DAY!!!!  Thank you Ms Winter and all St Edward’s!

Tuesday 22nd March + Thursday 24th March – Nick Arnold presents the HORRIBLE SCIENCE ONLINE SHOW to Bangkok Patana School, Thailand.  NICK SAYS:  the students and I had a lovely time doing these shows!!!!  A BIG HELLO TO ALL OF YOU!

Tuesday 19th April + Wednesday 20th April – Nick Arnold presents the HORRIBLE SCIENCE ONLINE SHOW to British Council School, Madrid, Spain.  NICK SAYS:  A GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT TO YEARS 3 and 4 – Looking forward to seeing you all (online of course!)

Thursday 21st April + Monday 25th April – Nick Arnold presents the HORRIBLE SCIENCE ONLINE SHOW to  International College Spain, Madrid, Spain.  NICK SAYS:  I’m going to present three GREAT SHOWS to Grades 3, 4 and 5 so hold on tight and get set for some HORRIBLE FUN!

Friday 12th August  – Nick Arnold presents the HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW at THE ROYAL INSTITUTION, LONDON.  NICK SAYS:  Davy, Faraday. Arnold – two of these names are amongst the GREATEST SCIENTISTS EVER – and one isn’t.  But I feel SUPER-HONOURED to present my show in their place – the WORLD-FAMOUS ROYAL INSTITUTION, LONDON!!!!!!

Friday 2nd September – Nick Arnold presents his long-awaited HISTORY talk for the Devonshire Association, Bideford, Devon.  NICK SAYS:  I’ve been booked up for about 1,000 years for this talk.  It’s all about VIKINGS and I think there were real Vikings around when I got booked but now there aren’t any.

Thursday 15th September – Saturday 24th September – Appledore Book Festival, Devon, UK.  NICK SAYS:  It’s time for the most AMAZING LITERARY FESTIVAL IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.  OK – I’m a teeny bit biassed as I founded it and I’m a patron.  I’m not allowed to tell you the details yet – but I’ll be presenting an AWESOME EVENT this year!

Saturday 19th November – Newark Civil War Centre, Newark-upon-Trent, UK.  Nick Arnold presents a History talk on the ENGLISH CIVIL WAR fort he researched and saved in Devon, UK to a conference of top historians and experts.  NICK SAYS:  I promise to be on my best behaviour .  No jokes and buckets of water – just bucket-loads of AWESOME HISTORY!

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