Welcome to Horrible Happenings 2020!!!

One bright sunny morning Nick Arnold woke up and suddenly realised it was 2020.

‘WOW! ‘ he shouted.  ‘How did THAT happen?  Looks like I’ve got loads of incredible events to tell the world about!’

So he rushed over to his computer and that’s what he’s doing right now.  Telling you about a host of HORRIBLE HAPPENINGS to start the TREMENDOUS 2020’s!  Stuff like…


Saturday 1st February – NICK ARNOLD @ Medifest, Plymouth Guidlhall, 10 am – 2 pm – NICK SAYS:  I’ll be showing super-sickening mad medical Horrible Science at this fantastic Family Festival!

Saturday 15 February – NICK ARNOLD @ Northern Ireland Science Festival, Nerve Centre, Derry – NICK SAYS:  I had a fantastic sell-out show last year and this all-new Show is going to be TWICE AS FANTASTIC and SIX TIMES as Sold Out! (Note:  Nick Arnold is not very good at Maths).

Sunday 16 February – NICK ARNOLD @ Northern Ireland Science Festival, The Black Box, Belfast – NICK SAYS:  Brilliant Belfast will be BUBBLING AND BUZZING with Horrible Science Laughs and GROANS (that’ll be my terrible jokes!)

Wednesday 19 February – NICK ARNOLD @ Bexley Book Buzz Festival – NICK SAYS:  I created HORRIBLE SCIENCE SUNSHINE in the Libraries last year and I’m hoping for HUNDREDS MORE HAPPY FACES this year!

Saturday 22 February – NICK ARNOLD @ West Bridgeford Library,  Nottinghamshire 11 am + NICK ARNOLD @ Beeston Library, Nottinghamshire 2.30 pm – NICK SAYS:  We’re going to go NUTS in NOTTS for HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW-POWER!

Thursday 27 February onwards – NICK ARNOLD / HORRIBLE SCIENCE Tour of India

Thursday 27 February – Friday 28 February – NICK ARNOLD @ American School, Mumbai – NICK SAYS:  These are my first ever Horrible Science Shows in India and I am REALLY looking forward to it (add a BIG BUCKET OF REALLY’s Here!)


Monday 2 March – Tuesday 3 March – NICK ARNOLD @ The International School of Bangalore, Bangalore – NICK SAYS:   Get set for a SUPER-SIZED SLICE OF THE SQUISHIEST SCIENCE ON THE PLANET (that’s official!)

Wednesday 4 March – Thursday 5 March – NICK ARNOLD @ Stonehill College, Bangalore – NICK SAYS:   I can’t wait to meet everyone at your amazing school and say HAPPY HORRIBLE SCIENCE TO YOU ALL!


There’s some amazing HORRIBLE SCIENCE events coming up this month but I am not allowed to tell you just yet because I am SWORN TO SECRECY!


Friday 5 June – NICK ARNOLD @ The Devonshire Association, Bideford – NICK SAYS:  I am honoured to give this year’s History Lecture for this famous organisation.  (I LOVE TALKING ABOUT HISTORY so this event is practically perfect!)


Friday 10 July – NICK ARNOLD @ Abbotsham W.I, Devon – NICK SAYS:  I’ll be talking about my HISTORIC discovery of Ubbe the Viking (and his long-lost battlefield!)


Monday 14 September – NICK ARNOLD @ Torrington History Group, Great Torrington – NICK SAYS:  Did someone mention HISTORY?  I found HISTORY-FAME by FINDING the lost site of the Battle of Northam!

Wednesday 16 September – NICK ARNOLD @ Buckland Brewer History Society, Devon – NICK SAYS:   Everyone wants to hear the story of the Battle of Northam so I just had to tell it all over again!

Friday 18 September – Saturday 26 September – NICK ARNOLD @ Appledore Book Festival, Devon – NICK SAYS:  I founded it and directed it and now I’m a patron and WILL YOU LOOK AT IT NOW!!!!!  This little festival has grown into the BEST and BIGGEST in THE SOUTH-WEST with one of the BIGGEST AND BEST SCHOOLS PROGRAMMES ANYWHERE ON EARTH!!!


This month NICK ARNOLD returns to China for another epic HORRIBLE SCIENCE Tour – more details shortly!  NICK SAYS:   Horrible Science is really popular in China and I’m thrilled to making a return visit!


Wednesday 18 November – Thursday 19 November – NICK ARNOLD @ Book Week, Scotland – more details shortly!  NICK SAYS:  I’ve been booked for these exciting events for over two years!  It’s GONNA BE WORTH THE WAIT!









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