Welcome to Horrible Happenings 2020!!!

One bright sunny morning Nick Arnold woke up and suddenly realised it was 2020.

‘WOW! ‘ he shouted.  ‘How did THAT happen?  Looks like I’ve got loads of incredible events to tell the world about!’

So he rushed over to his computer and that’s what he’s doing right now.  Telling you about a host of HORRIBLE HAPPENINGS to start the TREMENDOUS 2020’s!  Stuff like…


Saturday 1st February – NICK ARNOLD @ Medifest, Plymouth Guidlhall, 10 am – 2 pm – NICK SAYS:   Great day at sunny Plymouth meeting scientists and fans with TWO HUGE SELL-OUT HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOWS – MEDIFEST  is MAGNIFICENT!!  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR BEING THERE!

Saturday 15 February – NICK ARNOLD @ Northern Ireland Science Festival, Nerve Centre, Derry – NICK SAYS:  Dramatic Derry poured as Storm Dennis did his wintry worst but the real storm was the TWO HUGE HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOWS.  THANKS FOR COMING, THANKS FOR HELPING AND THANKS ONE AND ALL FOR SUCH A GREAT DAY!

Sunday 16 February – NICK ARNOLD @ Northern Ireland Science Festival, The Black Box, Belfast – NICK SAYS:  And so on to Belfast where the BLACK BOX was JUMPIN’ WITH JOY as HORRIBLE FEVER SPREAD HAPPILY THROUGH TWO SELL-OUT SHOWS – IT WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU ALL!

Wednesday 19 February – NICK ARNOLD @ Bexley Book Buzz Festival – NICK SAYS:  I created HORRIBLE SCIENCE SUNSHINE in the Libraries last year and I’m hoping for HUNDREDS MORE HAPPY FACES this year!

Saturday 22 February – NICK ARNOLD @ West Bridgeford Library,  Nottinghamshire 11 am + NICK ARNOLD @ Beeston Library, Nottinghamshire 2.30 pm – NICK SAYS:  We’re going to go NUTS in NOTTS for HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW-POWER!

Thursday 27 February onwards – NICK ARNOLD / HORRIBLE SCIENCE Tour of India

Thursday 27 February – Friday 28 February – NICK ARNOLD @ American School, Mumbai – NICK SAYS:   This is a FANTASTIC, FRIENDLY SCHOOL in BUZZING BOMBAY – everything happens here at a million miles per hour (except the traffic jams) so that meant FAST AND FUNNY HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOWS for everyone.  Thanks to all you staff and students for making me feel so welcome!


Monday 2 March – Tuesday 3 March – NICK ARNOLD @ The International School of Bangalore, Bangalore – NICK SAYS:   When I arrived at this beautiful school I wanted to wander the gorgeous gardens and sniff the FABULOUS FLOWERS – but eventually I dragged myself in for some high octane HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOWS. An ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all my AWESOME AUDIENCES and Teacher helpers!

Wednesday 4 March – Thursday 5 March – NICK ARNOLD @ Stonehill International School, Bangalore – NICK SAYS:    My visit was timed perfectly for the Fantastic Scholastic Book Fair so hopefully there were plenty of HORRIBLE SCIENCE books to go around!  I am raising my hat to THANK the super students and supportive staff at your splendid School!

Friday 6 March – NICK ARNOLD @ Greenwood High School, Bangalore – NICK SAYS:  I presented TWO ENORMOUS SHOWS at this FIVE STAR SCHOOL.  (Let’s hope we didn’t damage the ceilings with all that cheering!)  It was GREEEEAAT to meet you all!

Monday 9 March – NICK ARNOLD @ Hyderabad International School – NICK SAYS:   This is a school packed with science-minded students and staff and I felt instantly at home.  The air was alive with friendly feelings and it was truly a pleasure to meet you all!

Thursday 12 March – Friday 13 March – NICK ARNOLD @ Delhi – NICK SAYS:  That vile virus closed schools and cancelled THREE SHOWS I had planned in Delhi.  But I was able to give the Wonderful Scholastic Asia Team a special Horrible Science Show and sign a lot of books for the schools.  Thanks to everyone at Scholastic for their help on this Tremendous Tour!


Nick is staying at home this month because of the dreadful COVID-19 virus.

NICK SAYS –  The most HORRIBLE situations can bring out the VERY BEST in people.  I salute the brave health workers and care workers who are putting themselves in danger to help the victims of this deadly disease.  And I also salute the brave doctors and scientists trying to find a vaccine and drugs that will prevent this disaster ever happening again.

This month – NICK ARNOLD @ Abu Dhabi International Book Fair Virtual Festival – NICK SAYS – I made my very first Horrible Science movie.  It was hard work and INCREDIBLE FUN!  I can’t wait to make another!


Saturday 2 May – NICK ARNOLD @ Scholastic Online Storyfest for Scholastic Asia – NICK SAYS – Just because we all need to stay home and safe doesn’t mean we can’t do Horrible Science.  Now all my fans in India can watch and take part too!

Nick is working on some new and exciting books – WATCH THIS SPACE FOR DETAILS!!!


Saturday 13 June – NICK ARNOLD @ The Pavilions, Teignmouth, Devon – NICK SAYS:  I’m here to present the Horrible Science Lab where you can try Horrible Science experiments for yourself PLUS at 6.30 pm THERE’S A GREAT BIG HORRIBLE SCIENCE SHOW AND EVERYONE’S INVITED!!!


Friday 10 July – NICK ARNOLD @ Abbotsham W.I, Devon – NICK SAYS:  I’ll be talking about my HISTORIC discovery of Ubbe the Viking (and his long-lost battlefield!)


Monday 14 September – NICK ARNOLD @ Torrington History Group, Great Torrington – NICK SAYS:  Did someone mention HISTORY?  I found HISTORY-FAME by FINDING the lost site of the Battle of Northam!

Wednesday 16 September – NICK ARNOLD @ Buckland Brewer History Society, Devon – NICK SAYS:   Everyone wants to hear the story of the Battle of Northam so I just had to tell it all over again!

Friday 18 September – Saturday 26 September – NICK ARNOLD @ Appledore Book Festival, Devon – NICK SAYS:  I founded it and directed it and now I’m a patron and WILL YOU LOOK AT IT NOW!!!!!  This little festival has grown into the BEST and BIGGEST in THE SOUTH-WEST with one of the BIGGEST AND BEST SCHOOLS PROGRAMMES ANYWHERE ON EARTH!!!


This month NICK ARNOLD returns to China for another epic HORRIBLE SCIENCE Tour – more details shortly!  NICK SAYS:   Horrible Science is really popular in China and I’m thrilled to making a return visit!


Wednesday 18 November – Thursday 19 November – NICK ARNOLD @ Book Week, Scotland – more details shortly!  NICK SAYS:  I’ve been booked for these exciting events for over two years!  It’s GONNA BE WORTH THE WAIT!









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