Welcome to Nick’s News 2024 – as you can see I’ve given it a shiny new title as not EVERYTHING that is happening is horrible.  Some of it’s quite nice, actually.  Anyway – on with show!

They seek him here they seek him there – Where’s Nick?  Has he become invisible?  Has he been eaten by a black hole in space?  No.  Nick Arnold has just been too busy even to talk about his NEWS for 2024 until uh-February.

Anyway – HERE IT IS!

MONDAY 29 JANUARY – Nick Arnold does a history talk on the Battle of Northam 1069 to the very grown-up Devonshire Association, Exeter.  NICK SAYS:  I was very grown-up (I can be sometimes) and only made a few silly jokes. I am a proper historian as well as a HORRIBLE SCIENCE author.

TUESDAY 27 FEBRUARY – Nick Arnold @ Abercorn Senior School, London.  NICK SAYS:  I had a SUPER-CHARGED CRAZY Morning @ this lovely little school – with the full Horrible Science experience (complete with squishy bits)!

TUESDAY 5 MARCH – Nick Arnold @ Colne Primet Academy, Colne.  NICK SAYS:  This friendly school was the highlight of World Book Week this year – I had a great time so HAPPY HORRIBLE SCIENCE EVERYONE!

MONDAY 8 APRIL – Nick Arnold @ The International School of Monaco.  NICK SAYS:  I’m doing a virtual  event for this amazing International School!

THURSDAY 2 MAY – Nick Arnold @ Merchant Taylors Prep School, Rickmansworth.  NICK SAYS:  I’m going to be doing my Awesome History show on Knights and Castles – now where did I leave my suit of armour?

WEDNESDAY 22 – THURSDAY 23 MAY – Nick Arnold @ Kestle Barton Festival, Cornwall.  NICK SAYS:  This is my first visit to a friendly Cornish festival in a big tent.  Things are going to be LIVELY!

FRIDAY 13 – SUNDAY 22 SEPTEMBER – Nick Arnold @ Appledore Book Festival, Devon.  NICK SAYS:  I founded this FANTASTIC FESTIVAL and I’m a patron but I don’t get to hear the programme until its announced.  I JUST KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING!


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